Improvement in E-Commerce
Conversion Rate.

Improvement in E-Commerce
Conversion Rate.

THE Problem

Saundh is a premium fashion retailer for everyday ethnic luxury clothing. They retail through offline stores and their website

Saundh’s website had a lot of traffic coming through direct and social media but very few of those translated into orders. Instead of trying to get more traffic, we decided to try and convert the existing visitors to improve the revenue.

THE Insight

A website conversion
rate is comprised
of 2 factors:-

  • Quality of traffic coming to the website
  • Experience of the website after a user
    lands on it.

Saundh had both
the problems

  • There was a bunch of irrelevant traffic coming on the website.
  • The experience was sub-par despite the site being visually appealing.

This was causing the website to have a poor conversion rate of 0.15%



Fixing irrelevant traffic

The site had enough traffic, but the traffic quality was extremely poor. This was because Saundh is a premium brand, and all the ad campaigns were targeting broad and irrelevant keywords, leading to low-quality traffic.

We paused all existing campaigns and created new ones on OSIDE, our media platform for luxury and premium brands.


Experience of the website

After auditing the website, we found some technical issues with the website, keeping the conversion rate very low.

Here are some of the issues we addressed:-

1. Page Speed

  • The load time is a crucial factor for the user experience that can directly impact the conversion rate. Improving this was a priority.
  • The average page load time of the website was above 15 seconds which was very high.
  • When was the last time you waited 15 seconds for a site to load? 😁
  • So, we worked on decreasing page size, lazy loading images, browser caching, server response time, reducing the total blocking time, etc. to improve the page speed.
ResultsThe load time went down from 15 seconds to 6.4 seconds.

2. Website Uptime

While working on the website, we observed that, due to server issues, the website used to go down
frequently during the day, when the ads were running, impacting the conversions.

To address this issue, we shifted the website to a better server to minimize downtime.
To address this issue, we shifted the website to a better server to minimize downtime.


After shifting the servers, the website uptime was 99.9%
After shifting the servers, the website uptime was 99.9%

3. Enabled Guest checkout

We found that most people are not comfortable creating an account on the website they are visiting for the first time. Most visitors won't buy from us because it was compulsory to create an account on the website to make any purchase.

To resolve this issue, we enabled the guest checkout on the website.


After implementing these changes, our conversion rate went up from 0.15% to 0.74% within a few months, a 3x jump!

And even though the number of users on the website was almost the same, the revenue increased drastically.

Before Conversion Rate Optimization:

After Conversion Rate Optimization: