Scaled Ecommerce
Revenue by 2404%


Evok is a furniture retailer by Hindware.

When we started working with them in 2016, Evok was getting traffic on the site but was struggling to make sales. They were not able to recover even the technology costs.

With almost no presence on social media and therefore no brand recall, Evok had hardly any brand searches and competitors were outranking them for all relevant category searches.

Market Insights/ Opportunities:

The furniture market has two audiences:-

Research online
buy online

Comprises 5% of the market,
but is growing fast.

They didn’t see Evok as a pure online player
because of poor website experience.

Research online
buy offline

Comprises 95% of the market

They weren’t coming to Evok because of a lack of discovery. Evok was advertising all over India but had stores in only 17 cities.

We identified blockers of growth. Primarily they were:-

  • Poor Tech Stack
  • Catalogue not customised for online
  • Poor website experience and terrible mobile experience
  • Omnichannel integration was missing
  • No buying guidance for the users
  • Underutilised Social media channels
  • Lack of trust & connect with the parent brand

We tapped these opportunities and worked on building
and improving the website experience over time.



Fixing the Fundamentals

Our approach was to start by focusing on creating a bug-free website experience for our users on both desktop and mobile, improving website speed, and over a period of time adding enhancements that improved our conversion rate. We also got the site revamped with a much better UI, intuitive navigation, easy checkout, and more enhanced features.

Fixing the Fundamentals


Developing a brand voice and improving brand recall

Simultaneously we started building our social presence by regularly posting and promoting quality content across all the relevant social media platforms which not only resonated with our audience but also followed the latest social trends and conversations.

Developing a brand voice and improving brand recall


Adding relevant content to the site

The major thing that was missing on the site was content. We made sure to add sufficient content in all the right places, like detailed product category and specification content on the footer covering all relevant keywords, introductory content at the top of all category pages, and product descriptions, all with effective internal linking. We also started updating monthly user-centric blog posts which also suggested our top products related to the topic.

Introductory content on category pages

Adding relevant content to the site

Introductory content on category pagesFooter content on category pages Footer content on category pages

Improving Store walk-ins and in turn getting more online orders

Through effective local SEO including optimization of our listings and regular posts on GMB, hyperlocal ads aimed at driving people to their nearby Evok stores and the Pay at Store option on the site which let users place their orders online but make their payments at their nearest store within 3 days of placing the order so as to experience the look and feel of their purchase before making the final payment, we successfully improved store walk-ins which in turn helped in building our online customer base.


Targeting the right users

We made sure to not just send truck-loads of traffic to the site which might be irrelevant to the brand but to target users with the right purchasing power and intent. For example, we noticed that the income groups lower than 11-20% were not converting so we excluded them and just targeted high-income groups and users from locations that showed a history of conversions. The next step was to remarket to them to build relationships and repeat purchases.


Negative review management

With increased traffic and conversions came increased reviews, both positive and negative. We noticed that a lot of users were searching for queries such as “evok reviews” for which our negative reviews on online review directories such as Mouthshut were ranking. To deal with this, we collected all our positive reviews from various sources and listed them together on a review page that we created on the site. We optimised this page and it slowly started ranking for the same search term and outranked all our negative reviews.

Negative review management


Reducing customer complaints on social media

We took measures to reduce customer complaints on social media through effective communication on the site and emails around the delay in delivery timelines which was one of the major cause of the complaints, and directing users to the right channels and levels of grievance management through our Facebook chatbot, along with of course getting the customer care team to improve their turnaround time.


Whatsapp Live Chat

We added a floating Whatsapp widget on the site which lets users message their queries to us and get answers in real-time. This not only helped our customers but also helped us get more clarity on what our users were looking for, where they were getting stuck, what factors helped them make a choice and where were we missing out. Based on these insights, we made a number of improvements on the site and in our communication. The Whatsapp Live Chat option helped us in assisting a lot of conversions on the website.

Whatsapp Live Chat

Leveraging Hindware’s Trust


Leveraging Hindware’s Trust

Evok being a relatively new brand in the furniture industry was competing against older and bigger players in the market. We realised that users often didn’t know that Evok belonged to the house of Hindware, they probably missed that in the logo. So we started highlighting the same in our advertising communications and also on the website, on product pages and the checkout page. Leveraging Hindware’s Trust, helped us improve our conversion rate.


  • Over the years, our total traffic scaled by 951%
    and our organic traffic scaled by 591%
  • We started ranking for almost all relevant
    on the first few pages of the SERP.
  • Our social media followers shot across
    platforms. Today we have 11,100 followers on
    Instagram, 110,042 on Facebook, and 965 on
  • Our revenue scaled by 2404% (with an
    avg 108% YOY increase)