How does Facebook decide what you see on your News Feed?

Have you ever wondered why you only see content from 10 brand pages on your News Feed even though you’re following tons of them?  If you use Facebook on a daily basis, one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm.

In this blog, we would like to help you understand how your Facebook posts get viewed on Facebook. Hence, we’re collecting all the important Facebook algorithm factors and changes and placing them here for easy reference.

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Pinterest and its Growth in India


If you haven’t heard about it, please move the rock away from on top of your head.

Maybe you think you haven’t used Pinterest, but you probably have. Indirectly. But you have. When you search for an image on google, a good percentage of the images are from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a “social media platform” where people pin images (ideas or products) on web-based bulletin boards. The platform works well as we connect faster than text as we are visual learners. The site was earlier a place for DIY projects and craft ideas. But, in the past few years, it has evolved into a very different platform. The reason why we mentioned it as a social media platform in finger quotes is that Pinterest serves as a much more useful platform.

A platform to search on?


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Digital Marketing in 2019 and How to Gear up for it.

Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing in 2019 and how to gear up for it.

Have you watched the movie Jumanji? The key takeaway from the movie is that ‘You don’t just play Jumanji, you must survive it.’ In Jumanji, the confusing time warps and the build-up leads to an interesting yet very surreal and constantly changing environment where the only thing you do is survive.

Digital marketing in 2019 would be just about the same. You either adapt to its trends and survive or be dead meat slurped by your competitors.

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IGTV: What does Instagram TV mean for Brands & Marketers?

Video. We all consume it, we all love it. It’s convenient. Throughout the history of social media, there have been many video apps, that came and went. Some stayed, who are now the market players, while others faded out. YouTube, Snapchat are the platforms that are at the apex of this market. There’s Instagram too, but one could only post short videos on the platform.
But that changed on 20th June.
Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, announced the new platform IGTV, that will feature full-screen videos that can be up to an hour long.

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How does great photography improve conversions on your E-commerce site?

Photography for e-commerce websites

So, when you open an e-commerce website which thing do you notice first? “image” would be your answer. Research says people remember 80% of what they see it means visual communication is better than text. Imagine you are randomly scrolling your Facebook feed and some clothing e-commerce website Ad comes which has a great image of the guy wearing a shirt.

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