Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in
Organic Traffic

THE Problem

Paytm Insider is an event & movie ticketing company.

When we started working with them in 2016, Paytm Insider invested significant sums in gaining paid traffic, but their organic traffic had remained stagnant for a long time.

Competitors were outranking them, and they spent more to gain inorganic traffic.

THE Insight

In the events and entertainment industry, users usually look for ideas/solutions online in the form of
queries such as events near me, places to visit, best stand-ups to watch, music events, etc.

These searches intend to get information first and then buy tickets. Insider had thousands of
event pages selling tickets but no page to give solutions to visitors.

Since they cater to many categories of events such as music, comedy, workshops, etc., all of
these had many untapped searches & opportunities because no pages were targeting them.

This is how the old Insider website looked:This is how the old
Insider website looked:

Also, many seasonal occasions/festivals such as New Years, Holi, Navratri, etc. also had an
informational & transactional intent by the users. We tapped these opportunities and created the
right set of articles and categories to be present what the users are searching for.


We use a different SEO strategy for each of our clients because every niche is different.
Our SEO campaign started with an initial detailed website audit and found that most of the issues were related to its technical aspects.

Technical issues that were hurting their overall SEO:-

  • Slow website loading speed
  • Distracting elements
  • 404 pages (receiving traffic and links)
  • Broken links
  • Redirect chains
  • Thin content
  • Ineffective internal linking

Revamped Website:

The website was redesigned in a way to structure the content and have a hierarchy of pages. Right from the city landing to the category pages, and the event page, all were optimised to serve the best user experience and be used as a landing page with targeted keywords.

For example, each category has a main landing page and option to filter the events by time (today, tomorrow, or this weekend). We suggested creating individual pages for each of them to target queries such as “events in Mumbai today/tomorrow/this weekend” which helped to rank a more relevant page.

Round the year campaigns:

A couple of festivals/occasions that happen around the year surged the searches for users who want to explore their city. We targeted these queries by creating articles and linking the relevant events to be in front of the users.

For example: On New Year’s Eve each year there are a lot of searches looking for the best party in the city, places to visit near the city, things to do on NYE, etc.

To cater to these types of searches we suggested creating article pages with providing free + paid options to the users.
These articles rank on top for a very competitive query “new year’s eve”.


Over the years the traffic has shot up significantly ( a 430% increase YOY) and resulted in Insider becoming the top-ranked website for events related searches.