1043% increase
in unique blogs

1043% increase in unique blogs pageviews

THE Opportunity

B Label is one of India’s first organic fashion brands that specialize in hemp clothing & accessories.

When B Label was launched, our aim was to bring relevant organic traffic to generate more sales or conversions.
Since it was a new domain, the trust factor and authority was 0 for the search engines.

We wanted to target every user who is searching for sustainable fashion or hemp clothing & give them the most helpful information.

The searches for hemp clothing were far lesser than generic keywords like ‘organic clothing’, but hemp searches could convert into conversions for us.


Our relevant keywords had fewer search volumes - another challenge to address. But we knew that the natural clothing trend is increasing in India & in the global market.

Consumers are more concerned about their choice of products - if they are ethical or sustainable, how their spending affects climate change & global warming. And that concern is growing.

Environment-conscious consumers are against leather products that utilize the animal’s skin fabric. These users were our primary target & we did research on the keywords opportunities accordingly.

Though our products were only hemp-made, we did not refrain from targeting the generic or broader keywords like organic clothing, vegan clothing, natural clothing, etc.


We researched keywords from People Also Ask Box, Quora, Reddit, Answer the Public & other
keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

Our approach was :-

Identify Keyword Themes

  • Hemp
  • Queries & Information Seeking → Topics → Keywords
  • Hemp + Environment -
  • Example - 5 ways Hemp is 100 times better than
    cotton for the environment
  • Hemp + Comfort
  • Hemp + Style
  • Hemp + Future
  • Sustainable
  • Sustainable + Benefits
  • Sustainable + Celebrities
  • Sustainable + Farmers
  • Sustainable + Vegan
  • Example - How Sustainable Fashion
    Can Help Us Move Beyond Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion + Environment
  • Fast Fashion + Animals
  • Fast Fashion + farmers
  • Fast Fashion + Child Labour
  • Example - 8 Environmental Impacts
    Of Fast Fashion

Create Content on the Themes

Focused on publishing well-researched blogs that address the following points to create awareness -

  • demystifying the benefits & facts of organic hemp fabric
  • Shed light on the drawbacks of fast fashion, hence helping users to adopt organic clothing
  • The environmental importance of fair-trade clothing
  • Environmental benefits of vegan & ethical fashion
  • History & origin of hemp fabric
  • Sustainability & the boom of hemp fabric
  • Telling why global celebrities are endorsing organic hemp clothing

Focused on Following On-Page Optimization
& User Experience Improvement -

Focused on Following On-Page Optimization & User Experience Improvement -

Sustainable Clothing And The Indian Market

  • Added high-quality & eye-catching lifestyle images with relevant alt text
  • Improved internal linking of the blogs to pass the link equity
  • Brokedown the long paragraphs into bullet points & lists for good readability
  • Added keywords optimized headings or H1 & H2 tags
  • Added an engaging CTA to take our blog readers to the product pages


Traffic Improvement

1043% increase in unique blogs pageviews through organic traffic

Quality Metrics Improvement

60% increase in average time spent on the page. It increased from 1:55 minutes to 3:55 minutes

Our Blogs Started to Appear
in Google Discover

The blogs generated clicks in Google Discover too.

Got Traffic From Image Searches as Well

Adding relevant alt text helped in the blog images ranking in Google Image search results, generating clicks to the website.

Country-wise Performance

The blog rankings were not limited to India but we also generated international high intent traffic from the US, UAE, UK etc.

Started Appearing in Featured Snippets

The on-page optimization helped the blogs to rank with a featured snippet