jump in qualified
inquiries in 12 months

THE Brand

Atmantan is an international luxury wellness destination which spans 42 acres and located in Mulshi, a hill station close to Pune & Mumbai.

THE Problem

Atmantan being a 1-year young wellness resort, had very few Domestic inquiries and no International inquiries.

They were driving traffic to their website (, but the traffic wasn’t translating to leads. The little leads they got,
were also unqualified.

THE Insight

revenue depended
on three factors:-

  • Quality of traffic coming to the website.
  • Experience of the website after a user
    lands on it.
  • Sales team pitch.

Atmantan had a
fantastic sales team,
but the other two
factors were broken.

  • Quality of traffic was poor because
    digital advertising was driving irrelevant
    traffic to the website.
  • Experience of the website was sub-par
    despite the site being visually appealing



Traffic Quality
through advertising

What Atmantan was targeting earlier were travellers,
people who like to travel etc.

The problem was, there is a vast difference between travellers and wellness travellers. Travellers will not appreciate
Atmantan as much as Wellness travellers.

We took this insight and paused all existing campaigns and created new ones with the wellness travellers in mind, and
here is what we achieved through the new paid ads.


Website Experience

  • The process & fundamentals.

  1. Contact form - There was no way for a user to contact the resort after landing on a page, we
    added a contact form at the bottom of all the landing pages.
  2. Goal setup - We set up goals in analytics to track those inquiries via the website
  3. Sales process - Streamlining the inquiry flow via a CRM so that the user can be reached out
    quickly after an inquiry. Earlier it took up to 48 hours for a callback, now it takes barely 10 minutes.
  • Technical issues on the website

Page Speed

The website took more than 8 seconds to load before optimisation; now it loads in about 3.7 seconds.

Landing page experience

The landing pages were text-heavy and not built for a user looking for a wellness solution to their problem. We changed the landing pages so that the users can see which retreat is suitable for which objective and made it more user friendly.

  • Trust

Atmantan had no elements on the website to drive trust. We added:-


  • Revenue went up
    by 383%

  • Inquiries went up
    by 130.36%