Million AED deals every week,
success story of an
Italian luxury furniture brand in Dubai.

Million AED deals every week,
success story of an Italian luxury furniture brand in Dubai.


Casaire is a modern luxury Italian furniture brand set amidst art galleries, elite restaurants, and supercar showrooms in Dubai’s sought-after Al Quoz area.

Its lavish 10,000+ sq ft of experiential space displays the finest Italian furniture craftsmanship and design, perfected over generations.


1. Low brand awareness: Casaire struggled to attract potential high-value customers. There were leads, but they weren’t luxury buyers.

2. Limited digital presence: Casaire needed a more robust digital presence to boostonline discoverability and engagement.

3. Scarce foot traffic: The store experienced minimal qualified walk-ins due to low awareness amongst the luxury shoppers of Dubai.

4. Difficulty reaching target audience: Casaire needed to establish connections with architects and interior designers, crucial influencers in their market.


Digital Discovery: There is a high-intent audience looking for Italian furniture in UAE, but the problem is that people with limited budgets also look for luxury furniture, leading to non-qualified inquiries.



Through our accurate database and precise audience analysis and targeting, we started getting leads from luxury buyers who were not just interested in buying a single piece of furniture but wanted to do an entire project revamp project with Casaire. This was done by mapping the locations where these buyers live and narrowing them down with our proprietary media tool’s targeting.

Architects and Interior Designers:

Using OSIDE’s targeting capabilities, we targeted top architects in Dubai and MENA. We introduced the brand to architects and interior designers who place repeat orders, driving a sustainable business scaling. Over 50% of all leads came from architects.

Smoothening sales process:

We implemented a WhatsApp business tool for the sales team to get qualified leads directly on WhatsApp, so the conversation is seamless and professional without having to struggle to get the client's phone number in the first place.


Within the first week of starting the digital activities, the brand closed the first deal of 1 Million AED and has been scaling ever since.