ROI via Digital, scaled non existent e-commerce.

THE Brand

Limelight Diamonds is India’s leading sustainable diamond luxury brand offering lab grown diamond-studded jewelry with a mission to redefine luxury in a conscious effort toward sustainability. Their eco-friendly diamonds help preserve a diamond's legacy and protect the planet for a brighter future.

THE Problem

Demand Generation

  1. Digital Discovery - For the thousands of people wanting to know about Lab Grown Diamonds, the brand was not getting discovered.
  2. E-commerce sales were negligible.
  3. Website lacked e-commerce features leading to poor buying experience..
  4. Online trust, critical in the category, was missing.

THE Opportunities

1. Digital discovery - Captured high intent audience looking/wanting to learn about Lab Grown Diamond

About 87,220 people on an average look for Lab Grown/CVD Diamond in India in a month, we got Limelight in the forefront for these searches.

Impact- The brands discovery went up by +120% & +81% YOY change

2. E-commerce sales -

Lab Grown being a new category & for high order value products in the Jewelry industry, direct purchase from the website without speaking to the sales team is a hindrance for the users.
It is important that the users can speak to Limelight’s sales team, get their queries answered & then be confident to move ahead with their purchase. Hence we enabled Personalized Assistance on WhatsApp


  • Overall Revenue went via digital went up by +503%
  • With A&B, Limelight Diamond achieved an ROI of 780%. Via Digital

3. E-commerce website was not fully fledged with all features.


The Limelight website was built well but needed optimisation and more performance factors to push users in the purchase flow.

1. Page Speed



The website speed was slightly above 20 and optimized to boost. After optimization, the score increased by 309%.

2. Product page conversion rate optimization
Before - The product page design was good, however, it was missing details like

  1. Shipping & Returns
  2. Customer Reviews
  3. Details about Limelight exchange/buy back,
  4. Trust Factors
  5. Reviews

New Page Design - Link


Product pageview increased by 60%, and bounce rate decreased by 73%.

3. Online trust was a challenge.
Limelight Diamond being a new brand in a new category lacked trust, hence it was important to bring out the trust factors.
We added Celebrity fold, influencers collab section & customer testimonial on the homepage and all product pages.