A&B’s Ascension to Google Premier Partner Status

It’s with immense pride that we announce our latest achievement: A&B has been recognized as a Google Premier Partner. This milestone is a testament to the consistent hard work, expertise, and dedication that our team has shown in delivering successful, data-driven digital marketing strategies for luxury & premium brands.

For those unfamiliar, becoming a Google Premier Partner is no small feat. This distinction is awarded to a select number of digital marketing agencies worldwide that demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise in Google Ads. A&B Agency’s new status signals that we are among the top tier of Google’s partners, distinguished for our ability to deliver high-quality services that drive client success.

Achieving Google Premier Partner status involves meeting stringent requirements. It’s not just about managing a significant portfolio of clients; it’s about demonstrating continued growth for those clients, showcasing advanced knowledge of Google Ads, and maintaining Google’s high standards for ad quality and customer service.

Our journey to becoming a Google Premier Partner is the culmination of unflagging effort, innovative marketing strategies, and an unwavering focus on our client’s needs. We’ve consistently surpassed Google Ads’ performance thresholds, demonstrating an adept understanding of the platform and a unique ability to utilize its features to benefit our clientele.

Our new status allows us to access a wide array of benefits, including exclusive Google resources and advanced training opportunities. These benefits will only enhance our ability to provide our clients with unparalleled service and results.

Our ascension to Google Premier Partner is not just a victory for A&B, but a shared success with our staff and partners, who have been instrumental in this journey.

Looking forward, we are more committed than ever to leveraging our expanded resources and Google’s advanced tools to drive superior results for our luxury and premium brands/clients. We pledge to continue exploring innovative solutions, expanding our expertise, and striving for excellence in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Becoming a Google Premier Partner is indeed a significant accomplishment, but for A&B, it’s just another step in our journey of continuous growth and commitment to client success. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead, equipped with new tools, knowledge, and an unwavering resolve to exceed expectations.

Syed H

Founder, A&B

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