Advertising Your Brand On Vivo IPL Hotstar.

Always wanted to advertise your brand on IPL but never had the kind of money to advertise on TV?  Here ’s your chance to do so on Hotstar.

Why advertise on Hotstar during Vivo IPL?

Mostly, you don’t need reasons as to why you should advertise your brand on IPL, but here are a few.

  1. 180 M people will watch Vivo IPL on Hotstar.
  2. 75% of viewers are urban.
  3. 85% of the audience is between the age group of 15-34.

Where will the ad appear?

The advertisement will appear while the match is on and before and after discussions. You can choose to advertise your content on other Hostar properties as well which are movies, TV shows and sports events. Have a look below.

Which are the available targeting options?

The targeting options are quite different as to where you chose to run your ads on-

  1. You can select teams for which you want to apply
  2. The video length can be under 10 seconds or under 20 seconds.

What demographic would watch my ad during IPL?

Demographics – Age and Gender on Sports Category

Mumbai has the maximum reach following Delhi, Chennai and Pune, etc.

Top Cities Reach

Okay, this looks amazing, how do we get started?

Minimum buy-

The minimum budget to start advertising is 10L but given your brand is seen on the most premium property in the Indian Sports category, that price is worth paying.

Buy Type-

CPM. The CPM is 570.

Inventory Type-

Video ad leading to a landing page URL.

How to get started?

Fill the form on the below link-

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