jump in Revenue via Advertising,
highest revenue post launch in India ever.

THE Brand

Novakid is an online English school for children aged 4-12 that provides lessons with native speakers using a syllabus that corresponds to the European Standards CEFR.

THE Problem

Demand Generation

  • Poor quality traffic leading to no trials
  • No income level filter leading to poor final subscriptions
  • No filtering of bot/spam traffic Demand Conversion
  • Poor communication on landing page
  • Localisation of Landing Page not done

THE Insight

revenue depended
on three factors:-

  • Quality of traffic coming to the website.
  • Experience of the website after a user
    lands on it.
  • Sales team pitch.

Novakid had a fantastic
sales team, but the other two factors were broken.

  1. Quality of traffic was poor because digital advertising was driving irrelevant traffic to the website. No income level filter leading to poor final subscriptions

  2. Funnel to get leads & conversion was complicated & lengthy. UI was great was User Experience was a challenge



High Intent Quality Traffic through Advertising & Using Ad Platforms where parents are more present.

  • Novakid has a premium product compared to their competitors in India. What Novakid was targeting earlier was all parents in India. However, their audience was parents in Tier 1 cities who want their kids to go study abroad and have a good accent
  • 76% Indian Parents use YouTube as a consumption platform, more than Instagram/Facebook. Novakid was missing out on capturing their TG in the right place.

We took this insight and paused all existing campaigns and created new ones with the parents who have the income & intent for a Novakid subscription, at the right place.

Below is the lift in revenue after the changes-


Website Experience

  • The process & fundamentals.

  1. Localisation- Indian parents would see the website in Turkish language and Chatbot in Indonesian. We got this fixed & localized to English & Hindi both the languages.
  2. Lead to trial to booking process - The booking process was broken & after getting the inquiry, parents didn’t know where to navigate to book trial, video tutorials & prompts were then added to make the booking process smooth & hassle free for parents.
  3. Communication - Novakid’s USP was native english speaking teachers & making kids confident to speak english, this communication was buried deep inside the landing page, we put out the hero communication & USPs at the start, highlighting why choose Novakid over the competition.
  • Technical issues on the website

Page Speed

The website speed score was below 50, this was then optimized to improve. The mobile score went up to 65 and desktop to a whooping 85 from 44.

Landing page experience

The booking process on the landing page was confusing & not easy to navigate. We solved this with prompts and changes in the Interface to make it more seamless.


Novakid had no elements on the website to drive trust. We added:-

Customer & Mom content creators reviews on the site.


  • Overall Revenue went up by +418%

  • Revenue via advertising went up by +1000%