1.47 M targeted
users engaged
through social media.

The idea of a better home and a better lifestyle was something that needed to be imbibed in the minds of the customer by showcasing the wide range of Evok’s finest furniture products and relating it with what the customer actually wants to know about the world of furniture, decor and interior design. Our association with Evok started in the year (2016) and we’ve been constantly optimizing their content ever since by using a variety of post formats and promotion methods, helping us build the brand better and connect with the customer the right way.

2.5m Reach

2.5m Reach



Over a period of 5 years, we’ve concocted and executed social media campaigns of different styles and tastes, all of which were put together with the best of design and copy. Take a look at some of those.


What brings
you Luck?

What brings you Luck?

A campaign that encapsulates the traditions in the sport of cricket - Lucky Charm Sofa. The video revolves around the idea that luck can sometimes truly play in your favour if you possess your lucky charm. The only question is if you’ve found it yet. Watch the protagonist of this ad find his lucky charm in this quirky campaign for Sofas.

What makes you
happy at home?

A video production campaign - My Home Makes Me Happy, created for International Day of Happiness, shared different scenarios showing how happiness at home had changed for us over the years. We created 3 short videos showing ‘Before and After’ shots at home that relate to the furniture elements of the house.

We added the element of a contest to the campaign where we asked people to send in their entries stating what makes them happy at home and received a total of 376 entries.

152k reach


Who makes the
house a home?

The campaign for Women’s Day 2020, talks about the different roles women play in making a house a home and how she adds value to the ones around her.

84.9k Reach

84.9k Reach



What’s the colour of the day?

What’s the colour
of the day?

For the Navratri 2019 campaign, we gave highlights to the colour of the day by using it as the background colour. With the 9 Days of Festivities, we also highlighted the number of the day which corresponded to the furniture shown in the frame.

12.1k Reach


What’s scarier
than monsters?

The campaign for Halloween 2019 highlighted the real-life scares - “The True Horrors”, that people face in their daily lives at their homes.

114.9k Reach

114.9k Reach

57.5k Engagement


Who’s missing at
the dinner table?

Every single day of the year belongs as much to women as it does to men. But is that the actual case in our daily lives? In the campaign for Women’s Day 2019, we addressed an issue faced by Indian women Every Single Day.

70.6k Reach


Where’s Santa
when we need him?

For the Christmas campaign, we uploaded a 9-post grid for the Find Santa With Evok Campaign with Christmas themed GIFs that had clues about Santa’s whereabouts.

People had to solve the clues from one post which led them to the next post, ultimately giving them the letters U N I T R F R U E, which formed the word FURNITURE.



Clear the air!

The post aims to show the viewer how the air around them can be turned back to normal with the help of an Air purifier.

44.9k Reach

Become the
Furniture Matchmaker

We created a dating app themed experience for Valentine’s day 2021 in a Carousel format. The initial slides show ineligible candidates for the sofa but swiping the last one (coffee table) gives a match. The emailer took the users to a landing page with a short quiz (which further required them to be Furniture Matchmakers) which upon submitting, gave them website vouchers.


Hoist the flag
from your home

A creative take on the Instagram carousel format. The post created for Republic Day 2021 gives a flag hoisting experience to those who are staying indoors.



A post with meaning more than just one, created for a topical trend - ‘Seduce someone in four words’.

A post for the Knights of Exemplary Service on Retail Employees Day.

A post for Chocolate Day shows that chocolate bars are not the only things that are smooth.

A post on Janmashtami, urging people to stay inside and stay safe.

A GIF on Valentine’s Day 2019 that tells us that our furniture doesn’t look at our differences, it accepts us for who we are.

A word from the Client -

“We wanted Evok to be a household name for Furniture, Decor & Home Appliances and A&B has helped us tremendously towards that goal by building Evok as a brand. As an e-commerce company, sales had always been on the forefront for us, but A&B devised a plan where the objective of our Social Media Content was the best of both worlds - Brand Building and Website Conversions.”

- Sanchayan Das Roy, HSIL Ltd.