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Tiranga Dabba Case Study

Jan, 2019

1. The Brief

The tiranga that waves with vigour in the morning of 26th January gets soiled with the garbage by night.

With millions of national flags been discarded every year post Republic/Independence day celebrations, we knew we had to take matters in our hands. According to the Flag Code of India, 2002, Section 3.25, “The Flag, when it is in a condition that it is no longer fitting allegory of a display; it should be destroyed in a respectful way, rather by burning.”

The campaign ‘TirangaNeecheNahiHumara’ though in its second year, had already caught a considerable amount of attention last year and this year we decided to go bigger.

Another clear thought was to not just do a awareness campaign but also drive action and change that reflects on the ground. Getting keyboard activists to get off their chair and take action.

2. The Build

Having saved 250 flags last year on 15th August, we decided to set a higher target and take extra measures to beat the numbers of last year.

The campaign ‘#TirangaNeecheNahiHumara2019’ was initiated with an event created on Facebook.


Prior to creating the event, We reached out to popular influencers, NGO’s, Journalists and celebrities through Instagram DMss, facebook messenger, twitter and emails and we were surprised and excited to see unexpected replies from a few.



To ensure the word gets around and people know what to do, we created a video and a flyer with the correct steps to be taken by a person if he/she is interested in the campaign.


We asked the influencers to share these with the link leading to a landing page. Yes, we decided to have a landing page this year!

While we were brainstorming on what to do different this year, We came up with an idea to make a landing page where people could enter the number of flags collected and see the total number of flags collected by everyone. This was our way of not only tracking the outcome of the campaign but to also make sure that all the promotions done by different people and on different mediums lead to a final common destination. Most importantly, people understood they actually need to pick flags, not limit themselves to click activism.

3. Numbers

The metrics shown below is the data collected for the duration of the campaign that went on for 2 days (25th January evening - 27th afternoon)


Views : 11,031 views in 2 days
Likes : 2,793 likes
Shares : 204 shares


Views : 7,243
Reach : 69,744
Promotion links click : 306
Likes: 171
Saves: 20

By Linking all our posts, stories, tweet and emails to our landing page, We were able to drive a considerable amount of traffic to the page.

The Landing Page Traffic

While we have more engagement on Facebook, The traffic through Instagram dominated over every other platform.

The end result (and what really matters) of this 2-day campaign- We managed to get 940 flags off the ground!

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