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A&B is a Snapchat marketing agency in Mumbai. We help brands build their snapchat community and do great campaigns. We are proud to be one of the first and hence the best Snapchat marketing agency around.

Snapchat users are consuming enormous amount of content. To be precise, 10 billion videos per day. And the number of users producing this content is equally staggering, more than 100 million people use snapchat with family and friends.

You can either advertise on Snapchat or create your own following. Some advertising options are not currently available in India but you completely create organic growth for your brand.

Millenials spend more time on Snapchat than on Facebook & Twitter

Why? because their moms and uncle and aunts are on those platforms and even more the selfies on Snapchats are self destructible, meaning you have no proof whether it existed. The millennials are joining Snapchat by the millions, how many followers does your brand have here?

The best mobile video ads & Brand Experience

The only platform for vertical videos and delivering a great experience while at it is Snapchat. The ads/content is a 10 seconder where the users can swipe up and explore more. Swipe up links to the advertiser's motive like long form video, website visit, article or mobile app install. Snapchat's swipe up rate is 5 times higher than than the average click through on other social media ads/content.

Where your brand is, Snapchatters are

Snapchatters can take a snap at a brand's location and use to to engage with the brand and their friends. This is particularly useful for offline events where a large group of Snapchat users are present in an area and snapping about the campaign. In USA, a sponsored Geofilter uses 40-60% of daily snapchatters. This feature is not available in India by Snapchat although it is expected soon.

Your brand on their face and they love it.

Sachet has gone a step ahead and literally put brand on it's users faces but this is done in such a fun way that people love it. Some filters may even use a prompt like close your eyes to trigger an animation and then you can send it to their friends who get intrigued and try it. A Sponsored lens is used by Snapchatter for 20 seconds on an average.

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A&B is a full service digital marketing agency based in London & Mumbai. We specialise in digital marketing campaigns, web and offline designs & short video production for brands. We are hardcore data scientists and mad men/women of advertising. A&B is also a Google Partner and a Bing Partner.