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Whale Feeding on World Environment Day

June, 2018

1. The Brief

The Earth is dying, with plastic waste stuffed - into the ground, on the oceans. and lately, in a mammal. On June 2nd 2018, a pilot whale was found in Thailand with over 17 pounds (8 kgs) of plastic waste in its stomach, The whale starved and struggled to breathe and swim as it couldn’t get the plastic out of its throat.

The vets were successful in removing some of it, but the whale breathed its last with plastic after puking plastic multiple times. This incident moved us and we wanted to raise awareness about it and with the World Environment Day just two days away, we knew what to do.

2. The Build

As the incident happened a mere two days before World Environment Day, we knew we had to take up the issue of plastic waste. After an early morning brainstorming session, we decided to take a sarcastic route that would attract eyeballs and raise questions, as the messages of suffering and pain usually fall on deaf ears and lead to a ‘Not my fault’ attitude.

We came up with a plan of spreading the message of curbing plastic disposal with a very in-your-face by creating an event on Facebook that asked people to get all the plastic they can find to feed the whales who were supposed to arrive on the Mumbai shores that day.

A Facebook event was created with Aksa Beach as the venue and a reporting time of 5 PM.

world environment day whale feeding

A satirical video was made that said whales love plastic and asked the audience to get all their plastic to feed the whales in Mumbai.

Once the event was created, we went all out to spread the word. We reached out to our clients, influencers and popular pages to help us spread the word.
social media story for marketing case study
A lot of influencers posted stories on their accounts with Swipe Up links to the events.
Clients shared our event post as well. Pictured below is INSIDER. INSIDER shared our event post on their Facebook page.
Insider in shares environment day campaign
social interaction with mumbai police and Devendra Fadnavis
We invited our friends and families to the event on Facebook, And we also tweeted to the Mumbai Police and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis.
There was no plan for the event, we didn’t know what we would do if an audience turned up. We were just winging it. And all this was done in under 3.5 hours.
But the big surprise was when we got a follow back on twitter from the Mumbai Police, that sparked a light cheer in the office, soon turned in to worry when Mumbai Police DM’d us to ask for our contact details. (we aren’t criminals or anything, we promise)
Mumbai police following us on Environment Day campaign
We thought maybe the person on the other side of Mumbai Police’s computer also misinterpreted our message and were suspicious that we might be upto some loitering at the beach or worse. Maybe they wanted to catch us in the act, or maybe they got the message, wanted to help us promote the event and wanted to be there for crowd-control. Well, we’ll never know.
The sarcasm in our campaign didn’t get through to the people.
There were those who got the sarcasm.
Crowd response on the campaign a part of case study
environmental day online engagement
There were those who didn’t.
Crazy environment day campaign response
And then there were those who didn’t give a damn.
Lame response of people
Lame response of people
Someone has rightly said, “ Sarcasm is like electricity; Half of India doesn't get it”.
Our team left for Aksa Beach and reached at 5pm, ready to feed plastic to the whales! However, we had a different message in mind and went LIVE on Facebook with it:
At the end of the day, we couldn’t find any whales to feed, As they were already dead because of the plastic.

3. Numbers

It was pretty impressive that we reached around 3000 people on Facebook, considering we just had a little less than 4 hours.
As of today (55 hrs), the event reached 5,604 people through Facebook.
environmental campaign attracts 5000+ eye balls
Our page views spiked when we created the event.
crowd campaign interaction
So did our page reach.
Infographics of organic and paid traffic
Several influencers with followers ranging from 10K to 200K also shared stories on their pages. Their combined estimated reach on Instagram was around 63000 users.
Environmental campaign shared by Instagram Influencers
Total reach- 71,020 Influencer Earned Reach - 63500 Event reach - 6,000
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