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Women's Day Contest

March, 2017

1. The Brief

Women’s Day is big on social media. Being a furniture and home decor brand, Evok wanted to do something special for all the women followers on their social media.

Women’s Day is one such day where brands can interact with their followers and get a conversation flowing.

2. The Build

The idea was that a lot of people don’t treat this day any different than the others in the week, so we wanted to get Evok’s followers to take the time out to appreciate and wish the women in their life a Happy Women’s Day.

The winner’s would win vouchers from Evok so that they use them to shop a fabulous gift for the women in their life. So we posted the following 2 days before Women’s Day - The copy along with it said:


A woman is the soul of the house and makes it a home. Treat her to something special this Women's Day.

This week, wish the women of your life a very Happy Women's Day in the most special way possible and tag Evok Homes in your posts.

The most ‘innovative’ ones get free vouchers from Evok!
#EvokHomes #WomensDay

3. Numbers

22,248 Reach 1,009 Reactions

The post had a reach beyond our expectation and the amount of people who posted heartfelt messages with videos, images and poems was crazy.

The post reached 22,248 people and resulted in 1,009 reactions, comments & shares on Facebook.
The post garnered 98 comments, 108 shares & 723 reactions from Evok’s followers.

People wrote long messages filled with cute anecdotes and attached videos as well:


The winners were announced 2 days later and they ended up buying gifts for their mothers, sisters and wives.

Picking winners was such a difficult decision, we ended up giving a discount code to everybody who participated. All in all, it was Mission Successful for Evok on Women’s Day.

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