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Tourists Vs. Travellers Case Study

July, 2017

1. The Brief

The travel industry is huge and heavily populated. ‘The Backpacker Co.’ is a player in this field which gives their customers a unique, customized backpacking experience to Japan and a number of European countries.

They have guided tours done by locals, nights dedicated to partying till dawn and days spent mesmerized by the beauty of the off-the-beaten-path trips that they organize for their travelers.

2. The Build

Keeping in mind the core idea of their brand, we came up with a series showcasing the differences between an average tourist and a traveler(backpacker).

The ongoing theme in the videos we made was that the tourist only goes to most popular places in any city he visits. Eg. a traveler to Paris would go see the Eiffel Tower, walk along Champs Elysees and visit the Louvre. Meanwhile a traveler (backpacker) would do all this and so much more in the same city, even get a local-guided tour of Montmartre.

The video we created had a split screen partition showing the activities the tourist & traveler do. The side depicting the tourist’s activities halts after the few big ‘touristy’ things, while the backpacker’s side keeps going with numerous more.

A snippet of the post is given below:

3. Numbers

26,093 Reach 7,395 views 258 Reactions

The post reached 26,093 people with 7,395 views on the video and 258 reactions, comments and shares.

The video worked so well that we got inquiries for the Paris backpacking trip and people started tagging all of their friends on it.

The video was a hit and resulted in what we had aimed for - awareness of the differences between a tourist and a backpacker while highlighting that ‘The Backpacker Co.’ caters to the latter and can give you the best backpacking experience.

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