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Trip to Bermuda Triangle


1. The Brief

‘The Backpacker Co.’ is a player in the travel industry which gives their customers a unique, customized backpacking experience to Japan and a number of European countries.

They have guided tours done by locals, nights dedicated to partying till dawn and days spent mesmerized by the beauty of the off-the-beaten-path trips that they organize for their travelers.

Keeping in line with the brand theme, we have to keep coming up with new and different ideas to engage their social media audience.

2. The Build

The brand wanted to take a dig at it’s followers on social media in an innovative way. We came up with the idea to announce a launch of a new trip to Bermuda Triangle.

Along with a picture announcement posted on social media there was even a sponsored ad casted on the social media platforms to its targeted audience to attract the attention. Both the announcement and the ad mentioned the departure date but not the arrival date which the followers failed to notice.

3. Numbers

A wave of excitement was seen among the followers about the new trip who left us with numerous inquiry comments on the post and messages.

facebook comment
facebook comment

The announcement via the picture and ad reached across 3,023 & 13,953 and got 361 & 210 reactions respectively. The ad itself got 763 clicks.

facebook comment
facebook comment

Inquiry 1 - Fooled 2 friends


Inquiry 2 - Send me the details please!
Twitter too didn’t fail to gain attention.

Next year, we are thinking Mars! 😉

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