Snapchat world lens for india intimate fashion week

April, 2018

1. The Brief

India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the Indian intimate apparel industry. IIFW wanted to go beyond Insta Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Broadcast,etc. and bring something new to the on-ground activity on social media.

2. The Build

Our bold campaigns like#BooTheTaboo were garnering strong audience engagement on social and we needed something impactful for the on-ground event too. So for covering the live show held on 22nd April 2018 at The Leela, we decided to leverage Snapchat as one of our platforms.

Why did we create a World Lens?

A Snapchat World Lens is a super fun way to get the audience involved in promoting your brand for you. We created a lens with the IIFW Logo that the models, designers and audience could use to cover the event on their personal Snapchat accounts.

What is Snapchat World Lens?

Snapchat World Lenses are a collection of augmented reality (AR) 3D enhancements to live real-world environments as viewed through the Snapchat mobile app, which allows users to send and receive photos and videos. The World Lenses feature applies cute, cartoon-like 3D emojis to the user’s screen. Word bubbles, text, objects and characters are added in real time to environments viewed through the rear-facing camera. Once placed, these 3D objects stay in the scene and can be captured in user photos and videos.

For example- The famous hotdog snap lens created by Snapchat to introduce this new tool and it went viral!

Snapchat Hotdog lens

For the fashion show, a unique Snapcode was generated, the user had to scan it to use it. The user could also click on the World Lens link (from any other social media) and they would get redirected to the Snapchat App with the lens activated. We had printed cards for event attendees to make sure they scan and use the Snap Lens. It looked something like this.


We wanted to take advantage of the teenagers and young adults who use Snapchat to capture all the important and exciting moments of their life. Even famous personalities, bloggers and other influencers use it for self promotion. We distributed these cards to the attendees of the event who suited the favorable demographics of a heavy social media user. The responses were

  • “A Snap Lens for IIFW, so cool!” (Our TG)
  • “What is Snap Lens? Tell me how to use it.” (Somewhat our TG)
  • What is Snapchat? (Not our target group 🙈 )

The Snap Lens code was cross promoted on IIFW’s Social Media so that all our followers became aware of it and could scan the picture and use it.

Here’s how the event was covered by the attendees through their Snapchat -

And this is how we used it to promote the event-

3. Numbers

40% attendees 2x shares 30x digital

As a digital property, Snap Lens is not just new and shiny, it also drove numbers.

  • 40% attendees used the Snap Code ( we were surprised at the Snapchat usage honestly)
  • Every user on an average generated 2x shares doubling our organic reach.
  • The Snap Lens alone generated 30x digital awareness vs attendees at the event.

We put an innovative digital property out there, numbers happened and the client fell in love with us again. Not a bad day at all!

But you are wondering how can I do this for my brand, just hitus up here and we would book you a free consultation with a Snapchat expert.

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