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The Best Company to Work for - April Fools Day


1. The Brief

Every event in a year is an opportunity for brands to advertise and speak to their customers. In the last few years, events like Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day have sprung up in their popularity and new age brands have started focusing on them more compared to religious festivals.

But there is one day where brands get to fool their audience, April fool’s day. As digital partners, our job is to come up with kick-ass campaigns for our clients. This year, we launched a trip to the Bermuda triangle for a travel brand, launched a quiz that can’t be won etc. But usually the idea that every brand shies away from because it is too bold and wacky, we do it for our agency brand.

This year that idea was to launch insane work perks for people and become the best company to work for in India. (Not really, no)

2. The Build

The wacky people at A&B came with wacky perks which went into a video which you can see below.

And some were just too wacky by even our standards which did not make the cut

1. Mujra Nights (Later toned down to Ghazal Nights)
2. Dangal match post lunch (Not interested in puke matches)
3. Thailand full body massages (Going too far)
4. Sheesha on every workstation (Can’t work when you are stoned, so)

As we were running short of time we had conflicts if we need a voice over or just images, quickly realised no time for voice over, went for voice After tons of discussion we ended up with the final product and ended up laughing, looking at the video and knew that it would make others laugh too.

And that's how the script was planned for what A&B has to offer and why it is the best place to work. Irrespective of all those false privileges we are truly the most okayish place to work for :P

3. Numbers

After the video was posted on our Facebook page, we were expecting not more than 5 people to get fooled, but a lot of people actually started sending resumes and wanted to apply for the openings.


We got 121 applications in a day.  Featured on Social Samosa

Our Traffic tripled.


Posting a few application we received on the day

Application 1 - Instant Urge


Application 2 - Meme ka Vyaapari


Application 3 - Weed allowed hai?

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Evok Women's Day Engagement Contest

backpacker bermuda
Case study 5   >

Whale Feeding

on World Environment Day