Why Snapchat Ads are better than Banner Ads?


After a big ruckus in April 2017, Snapchat was expected to be doomed in India. Apparently, It was stated that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had referred India as a poor country. This created a huge outrage amongst Indians and in meantime #UninstallSnapchat was a trending topic. The company later released an official statement denying the allegations. However, Snapchat’s problem didn’t seem to go away.

Instagram & Facebook also launched the daily story feature which is the key Snapchat feature. Yet, Snapchat’s new & continuous updates manages to hold a great amount of attention and continues to grow.

Reportedly, there are  6 Million Snapchat users in India. And the number is going up every day.

With Snapchat’s new ad feature, it is competing with the other social media and Google’s display banner ads. In this article, we will try to find the best platform for ads between Snapchat ads & Google Display Ads.


1)Approach– While Google Banner Ads has a typical ad format which user uses. Snapchat ads can be made personalized and can be created funny or the way a company wants to portray themselves.

2)Ad types– There are three main types of display ads: static, animated and interactive. You choose between various objectives such as Generate sales, leads, website traffic, etc.. Also, you can choose from the various ad sizes for your ads. Snapchat has three types of ads-  1) sponsored lenses, 2) Snapchat geofilter, 3) Snap ads. Only Snap Ads are currently available in India.

3)Goal– Google Banner Ads provides specific kind of targeting. You can select specific goal such as Sales Leads, Website traffic, Product and brand consideration, Brand awareness.

For Snapchat there are different objectives such as App Install, Web View, Long form Video, etc.

4) Campaign Creation– For Banner ads, you can choose to target specific locations, language & age group, parental age. You can also target people based on their online actions or interests.

Snapchat has four main categories for target based ads- Demographics( age group, Gender), Location(country, state, region), Device, Categories. You can also choose from different categories of interests such as music choices, travel, etc. Moreover, you can target devices of specific brand and series.


5) Scheduling– Campaign scheduling is optional where you can either set start & end date or can start immediately for Snapchat as well as Banner ads.


6) Performance Tracking– Google AdWords can track your ad performance and has metrics such as CPC, CPM, etc. For Snapchat, ad Manager feature lets you measure ad performance from ad manager dashboard.

Although Google Banner Ads lets you narrow-caste your ads like Snapchat, Snapchat has many advantages in comparison to Banner Ads.

  • Snapchat covers the entire screen of user’s device.
  • Ads are shown vertically which makes the visuals more engaging. Furthermore, every two out of three ads are played with sound on, which makes it easy for the audience to notice the ad.
  • Snapchat has detailed approach towards advertisement which is why it has almost 5X more CTR than the most platforms.
  • It has CTR between 7-10% which is very effective
  • While banners are considered to increased website visits but necessarily doesn’t generate potential leads.
  • One major disadvantage of Banner ads is that it has a tough time to even get noticed since users are very used to banner ads. Banner Ads CTR is as low as 0.05%.

Conclusion – Programmatic Buying is a process in which you create tailored ads specifically according to your needs. Programmatic buying can use Snapchat as one of the platforms. As Snapchat Market is still growing in India, it’s still not used by alot of companies. Hence there is a lot scope to try and experiment with Snapchat marketing.

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