Why LinkedIn advertising is the most underrated social advertising today?

LinkedIn is the social media for professionals. People are here to look for jobs, new contacts or industry reports.

People think LinkedIn advertising is only for ads about jobs, and only for brands with huge budgets.B2B businesses wonder how efficient LinkedIn can be when using LinkedIn advertising. And so LinkedIn ads are the most underrated social advertising today. But LinkedIn ads can be useful to certain  B2B businesses.

LinkedIn can be a place to market businesses but it is not for everyone. LinkedIn ads can be a great option for the right businesses. Users on this platform are there for one reason, to advance their careers and businesses.

B2B businesses and businesses looking to hire new employees can show their ads to their target audience thanks to these ads. The key is to remember that these ads are shown to a professional audience because it’s a professional site and so the content and the ad copy should be created accordingly.


LinkedIn offers two bidding options, cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-impressions (CPM). $2 is minimum bid for both CPC and CPM on LinkedIn.

This is higher than Facebook’s and Twitter’s minimums, which are listed at one cent. But even though bids of LinkedIn is higher, the ROI is much better on LinkedIn than other social media platforms.

LinkedIn Ads can work wonders. They can add up to 20% of a advertising conversions. This is where LinkedIn audience may make a big difference for certain advertisers. LinkedIn’s targeting opportunities are very specific. You can reach people by industry or job type.

Why Consider LinkedIn Ads?

While Facebook and LinkedIn are very different as ad platforms, they share the same principles. What I mean to say is that if you have something that works on Facebook, it will probably work well on LinkedIn and vice versa.

For B2B targeting, LinkedIn is probably the best currently. There are a lot of targeting options available such as job title, seniority, company, skills, specific group membership, geography, and years in business; the kind of information people do not put on Facebook.

Recruitment ads and ads for promoting B2B products and services work the best on LinkedIn. However, if your lifetime value is under Rs 10,00,00,  make sure you smoothen your  funnel and your processes properly on Facebook first, because LinkedIn’s cost per click (CPC) is much higher than Facebook’s.

How to make LinkedIn ads work for you?

1. Make your targeting right

  • Try keeping your targeting lists short. Use LinkedIn’s audience expansion feature and skills targeting. Skills targeting helps you to target people involved in specific areas within marketing, such as B2B Marketing, Demand Generation or Account Based Marketing.
  • Use negatives as in LinkedIn, a lot of information is missing. Excluding segments you don’t want to reach is better than adding new targeting requirements.

2. Expect mobile

With mobile phones taking over, social advertising, today, is mobile advertising. Make sure your content is mobile optimized. It is very important.

3. Are you giving people a personal reason to care?

It’s ok to position the business value of your content and your solution.However, it is important to make sure you are offering some personal benefit to your audience so that they care. Focus on removing the hassle out of getting the information that people need. And you will not be disappointed with the results you get.

4. Create social proof

On LinkedIn, social proof, particularly in the form of positive comments really matter and help you validate your offer. But waiting to get positive comments will not help. Get people to do it or do it yourself if you must.  An ad with initial positive comments to a large extent outperforms the rest of the campaign.

5. Track and optimize your performance

LinkedIn now supports conversion tracking so you can track your LinkedIn marketing efforts back to your own site to help prove ROI. LinkedIn also supports the use of your social or advertising tracking links. So use them!



LinkedIn has a very specific and niche audience due to which LinkedIn advertising is considered the most underrated social advertising platform right now. B2B business should take advantage of LinkedIn advertising and promote their business to these niche audience, which in turn will give a much better ROI.


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