Why Instagram Stories Poll Stickers can be the next big thing?

As soon as Instagram rolled out the Interactive Polls stickers feature, our stories were filled with everyone around asking some sort of question and we could see a huge number of people interacting with it.  Many big brands were seen using the feature to interact with their followers in real time.

How brands can use poll feature of instagram
Instagram Introduces new poll feature

Brands will now be able to use an Interactive poll to ask a question and also receive answers that are in real time.

Users can use the stickers to choose between two options such as Pizza or Burger?.

Instagram Stories Poll feature can be next big thing
Instagram Stories Poll feature can be next big thing

Poll Results will be accessible for 24 hours and brands will be able to see the number.

The interesting part is the polls aren’t anonymous, so you can see who voted what.

A Lot of people didn’t find out until it was too late 😀

Some people just chose to be petty without realizing it isn’t anonymous.



  We feel you Rach!

Brands can use it to be more interactive and also just for fun and general insights.

Scenarios where when they want to know which of their product does their audience like the most. To get insight into consumer opinion is always the key.  

Why we think this will work?

Instagram announced that Instagram stories have 250 million active users daily.  Given the number of users that consume story and the fact that how convenient it is for users to vote by just simply tapping on it, users are more likely to give feedback or engage with stories more.

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